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The many ways of applying Qminder to your business

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Qminder is a cloud-based browser solution which means there's no need to download anything - just open the web browser on your computer or smart device and log in to Qminder.com.

In order to serve your customers:

  1. The visitors have to be added to the queue (SIGN-IN)

  2. The visitors have to be notified of their turn for service (NOTIFICATION)



  • iPad app - Visitors type in their information with Qminder's iPad app.

  • QR code - Visitors scan a QR code and sign in with their smartphones.

  • Web page - Visitors go to a web link for sign-in on their smartphone or computer.

Manual input by an employee

  • Greeter - An employee adds visitors to queue on a computer or smart device.


  • TV app - Visitors are notified on the TV display with Qminder's Apple TV app.

  • SMS text messaging - Visitors are notified by automatic text messages.

  • Call out - An employee calls out the name of the visitor by voice.

The best set-up during the COVID-19 pandemic

: QR code

Provide your customers with a contact-free sign-in option by allowing them to register via QR code scanning. Place the QR code poster on the entrance of your location or in the waiting area.

(Alternative - A greeter employee behind protective glass can sign in the visitors.)

Notification: SMS text messaging

Once the visitor is signed in, they will receive an automatic text message confirming their registration. Another message will be sent once the employee is ready for service. The visitor and employee can also chat with each other via text messaging if further communication is needed. Already signed in customers can wait in their car or otherwise nearby in a safe distance from other visitors.


Apple TV and iPad can significantly improve and automate both the workflow and customer experience of any business.

  • The Qminder sign-in app requires iOS 12 or above!

  • Which iPad to buy? Check our hardware requirements.

  • Place the iPad on a sturdy stand to make sure the sign-in process is secure and pleasant.

  • It's best if the iPad has a direct connection to electricity to avoid the need to recharge it manually. Also, make sure the Wi-Fi connection is stable and reliable.

  • Best performance on Apple TV 4K.

  • The advisable TV size is at least 32 inches.

  • Face the TV directly towards the waiting room seats to ensure your visitors can comfortably and clearly see the waiting list. Consider TV mounting to the wall or ceiling.

  • Make sure the Apple TV box is securely attached to the TV display or next to it.

On iPhones and iPads you can access Qminder via our dedicated dashboard app (instead of logging in through the browser). The dashboard app provides a smooth way to access Qminder quickly no matter where you are.

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