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Provide your customers a safe and contact-free waiting experience

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The remote sign-in option allows your visitors to stay safe when waiting for service. Your visitors can add themselves to queue remotely on our Visit Planner site without having to come near a crowded waiting room.

Check out our example Visit Planner:

And CLICK HERE for details on how to create your own Visit Planner site.

STEP 1: Visitor signs in remotely

  • To begin, the visitor goes to the Visit Planner web page (via link or QR code scan) which is specifically created for your business. Under the REMOTE SIGN-IN option, the visitor will type in their name and optionally phone number, email address, or any other custom information. Visitors can also select a service line.

  • Your clerks will see the remotely added visitor in the Service View's wait list. An automatic label called "from website" is added to distinguish the visitor from walk-in sign-ups.

STEP 2: Visitor waits safely for their turn

  • Once the visitor has signed in, they can wait outside, in their car or anywhere else away from other people. 

  • With the Text Messaging features enabled, the visitor will receive a text message informing them that they have successfully been added to the queue. The visitor and clerk can also chat via text messaging if further communication is needed. 

STEP 3: Clerk calls the visitor for service

  • The clerk calls the visitor in Qminder when it's their turn.

  • With the Text Messaging features enabled, the visitor will receive a text message notifying of their turn and to which desk or room to go to.

  • Without text messaging, onsite visitors can be informed with Qminder's TV waitlist app or the clerk can simply call out the visitor's name. For remote service, the clerk can call the visitor on their work phone or send them an email.

In order to minimize the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus, all businesses have to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of their customers.

A remote sign-in option will allow your location to have a safe and contact-free waiting line. To set up the remote sign-in option, start with creating a Visit Planner site.

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