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Let your customers self-service sign-in with Qminder's sign-in app

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Qminder's self-service sign-in iPad app allows your customers to register themselves into queue without requiring any assistance from an employee.

Self-service sign-in is especially useful at times when the volume of visitors is high. Our sign-in app will take the pressure of your employees and customers both. And by adding more than one self-service iPad you can make sure that nobody has to wait in line just to register for a service.

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How to sign-in on the iPad

Using Qminder's sign-in app is as easy and intuitive! Here's how it works:

1. The customer walks to the iPad and taps the screen to begin sign-in.

2. The customer chooses the desired service.
You can customize and add as many service lines as you like!

3. The customer types in their first name. You can additionally ask for their last name.

In addition to the customer's name, you can configure the iPad to also ask for the customer's:

  • Preferred language (language selection will translate the interface)

  • Phone number (required for automatic SMS messaging)

  • Email

  • ID number

You can also:

  • Display custom text

  • Ask custom questions

  • Make branching choice-based sign-in flows

4. The sign-in process is complete and the customer has been entered into queue.

After sign-in, the customers proceed to the waiting area and wait until they are called. In order to make their wait as smooth as possible, consider displaying their place in line with Qminder's TV app.

All the information inserted by the customer on the iPad will pop up on Qminder's service view for your clerks to see. The clerks know upfront who the customer is and what they want, allowing them to offer the best customer service.

  • You can make the customer experience even more personal by adding a greeter. Read more about Qminder's greeter set-up here.

How to set up Qminder on the iPad

Check our step-by-step guide on how to install Qminder on the iPad and our configuration guide on how to customize the iPad's sign-in flow.

  • Not sure which iPad to buy? Check here for the hardware requirements.

  • Place the iPad on a sturdy stand to make sure the sign-in process is secure and pleasant.

  • You can configure which service lines are displayed on which iPad. For example, the iPad at the front door displays three entry level services while the iPad in front of the support office displays advanced client services.

  • The iPad will reflect your Opening Hours and shows a "closed" sign when visitors shouldn't sign in anymore. 

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