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Get in line contact-free by scanning a QR code with your phone

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Let your visitors self-service sign-in by scanning a QR code with their smartphones.

Compared to our iPad sign-in solution, the QR sign-in is completely contact-free and doesn't require any hardware to set up.

How to set-up QR code sign-in?

  1. Create your sign-in web page. Scanning the QR code will lead the customer to a web page where they can sign-in. This web page is called the Visit Planner and it takes less than a minute to create it. Create your Visit Planner to get started.

  2. Set opening hours. Sign-in will only be available during your set opening hours. Edit your open times from the Opening Hours settings.

  3. Enable remote sign-in. In the Visit Planner settings you can turn on remote sign-in to allow visitors to sign in via QR code.

  4. Print and place the QR code. Click PRINT POSTER to download the QR code PDF. Print it out and place it for your customers to see.

  • Place the QR code on your location's door, walls, or anywhere else you want your customers to start sign-in. Your customers can then scan the code and get in line!

  • Your clerks will see the signed-in visitors in the Service View's waitlist. An automatic label named "from website" is added to distinguish the visitor from other types of sign-ups.

OPTIONAL: SMS text message notifications

Ask the customer to enter their phone number during sign-in to send them customized automatic SMS text messages.

  • The visitor will receive a text message informing them that they have successfully been added to the queue. Once it's time for service, they will receive a second text message notifying of their turn and to which desk or room to go.

  • The visitor and clerk can also chat via text messaging if further communication is needed.

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