Equip your greeter with Qminder for efficient workflow and smooth customer experience

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Qminder's self-service sign-in solution on iPad makes queue management seamless and easy. However, in order to make customer experience even more personal, consider adding a greeter. 

Improving customer experience with a greeter

Here's how a greeter can improve your customers' experience:

  1. Customers walk in and sign in on an iPad. They then wait in the waiting area or browse around the shop

  2. The greeter approaches them with an iPad or any other web capable device (Qminder can be used through the web browser or our Dashboard app for iPhone). He or she asks what type of services the customer needs and enters all the necessary information into the system

  3. All the information gathered by the greeter will be available for the rest of the team. Your team can allocate the most skilled rep for this type of service

As an alternative, the first step (iPad sign-in) can be skipped - the greeter can welcome the customers, enter them into line and fill in the additional information all at once.

Consider the information the greeter collects

Service intelligence is critical to any business and that's why Qminder makes collecting customer information easy. The data you choose to collect determines the value you get. 

You can set the iPad to ask additional information directly from the customer and you can also set customized fields for your employees to fill in while serving the customers.

All the collected data will be displayed in Qminder's History view and can be exported to Excel with a click of a button.

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