Qminder's iPad sign-in app requires iOS 12 or above!

Here are the supported iPad models:

  • iPad (8th, 7th, 6th, 5th gen) - up to year 2017

  • iPad Air - 2, 3, 4 generation

  • iPad Mini - 5th gen

  • iPad Pro - all generations

If you have an iPad that you want to use with Qminder, make sure we support your iPad model and that all system updates are installed. You can check which iPad model you have with this helpful Apple article.

And here are some more specific hardware requirements:

  • Screen size: Any. Recommended >= 9.7 inch display

  • Capacity required by Qminder: 200 MB

  • Capacity of the device: 32 GB or more

  • Cellular: not required if Wi-Fi is available in the location AND the Wi-Fi coverage extends to the iPad's stand.

  • Camera: not required

  • Touch ID: not required

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