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A stand for the iPad

Few tips on setting up a physical iPad

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When you first connect the iPad, it's natural that you want a secure and stable iPad stand to place it in. 

Choose a suitable iPad stand

Depends on the interiors of your service space, you might consider a floor stand, a counter stand, or a wall stand. 

  • If you have a reception desk with receptionist ready to assist customer, a counter stand might work the best for you. 

  • If you want your customers to sign-in immediately when they walk through your door, a floor stand placed at the entrance would be your choice. 

When choosing the exact spot for positioning the iPad, think from your customers' perspectives. The suitable spot is where your customers could see it immediately. 

  • If you want the stands to fit in as part of your interior, a wall mounted stand should be your choice.

Where to get a stand?

We recommend to use Bouncepad stands.   

They offer a large variety of configurations and ship worldwide.

Order your stand with a placard to direct your customers to sign-in on the iPad when they arrive. Use discount code Qminder15 at checkout for a 15% discount.

If you need help with designing placard, please drop us an email at or contact us via our live chat platform.

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