With the Opening Hours function, you can inform your visitors about when your location will be open or closed. 

The hours you set here will also be reflected on the iPad and TV you have set up as well as in the Visit Planner.

During closing time, it will be impossible to sign in on the iPad. Similarly, the TV will show when your location is currently closed. During opening hours, the TV will display that you're available for service and draw visitors' attention to the sign-in iPads if you're using any.

Between two intervals during the day, the iPad and TV will announce when your location will open again.

Adding opening hours

Users with the role of a Location Manager can access the Opening Hours settings from the Qminder dashboard by going to the Locations tab, clicking on the location's name and then going the the Opening Hours tab.

When at your computer, simply add a time interval by dragging the mouse across the schedule: 

You can add up to four intervals per day. Note that intervals can not overlap or be shorter than one hour.

When your are using your phone for this step, fill in the empty input field and tap on "Save". 

Editing Opening Hours

To edit opening hours, click on a time interval or day that you wish to modify, then:

  • Mark the day closed or open
  • Edit time interval
  • Select the tick in the middle to save changes, or on X to cancel
  • Delete an interval by clicking on the trash can icon on the bottom left

Functions affected by Opening Hours settings

Your Opening Hours settings will be reflected on the iPad, the TV and the Visit Planner.

Visit Planner

Your Opening Hours settings will automatically be synchronized with your Visit Planner page.

Please note that when making changes to Opening Hours, it can take up to one minute for the Visit Planner page to reflect the changes. 

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