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Opening Hours

How to configure opening hours

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With the Opening hours function, you can inform visitors when your location will be open or closed. You can set up regular weekly hours and specify certain days when opening hours are different.

The hours you set here will also be reflected on the iPad and TV you have set up, as well as in the Visit Planner.

Visitors cannot sign in outside working hours using the iPad self-check-in kiosk, or remotely from the Visit Planner. Similarly, the TV will indicate when your location is closed. During opening hours, the TV will display that you're available for service and draw visitors' attention to the sign-in iPads if you're using any.

Between two intervals during the day, the iPad and TV will announce when your location will open again.

Adding opening hours

Users with the role of a Location Manager, Administrator or Owner can access the Opening Hours settings from the Qminder dashboard by navigating to Location Settings, selecting the location from the dropdown and then clicking on the Opening hours tab.

If the opening hours are the same every day, click on Apply to all.

Once the opening hours have been set, click on Save.

Adding special days and hours

Click on + New date, select the date when opening hours differ from regular and set the opening times. Choose a reason for the time change to inform your visitors on the Visit Planner page. If the location is closed altogether, toggle the switch to Closed and proceed to Confirm the changes.

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