The Visit Planner is a separate website about your location that helps your customers plan their visit by showing them how many visitors are currently in line and what's the average wait time. It also suggests when it's a good time to visit, and provides useful information about the location.

For more information about benefits of the Visit Planner page, take a look at our Quick Guide.

The Visit Planner allows you to communicate the following information with visitors:

  • The number of visitors currently waiting
  • The average wait time
  • The best time to visit
  • Opening hours and popular days
  • Contact information
  • Notes & Tips

You can share the unique link of your Visit Planner with your visitors to keep them informed. Whether you include it on your website, on social media or in post-service text messages, the page will provide your visitors with the information they need to avoid long waiting times.

Sounds cool? If you're interested in setting up your own Visit Planner, contact us on our website's live chat!

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