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Improve the experience of your customers by allowing them to check the queue situation remotely

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The Visit Planner is a web page specifically made for your visitors. 

  • It helps your customers plan their visit by showing them how many visitors are currently in line and what's the average wait time. It also suggests when it's a good time to visit, and provides useful information about the location. 

  • In addition, you can also add a remote sign-in function so that your customers can check in without being onsite.

Check out our example Visit Planner:

You can share the unique link of your Visit Planner with your customers on your website, on social media or in post-service text messages. The page will provide your visitors with the information they need to avoid long waiting times.

For more information about benefits of the Visit Planner page, take a look at our Quick Guide.

Create your own Visit Planner

Each location can have its own Visit Planner page. To begin, go to the Locations tab in the left-hand sidebar and select the location whose Visit Planner you wish to edit. Then click on the VISIT PLANNER tab in bottom left corner.

If the selected location does not already have its own Visit Planner, you will be taken to the setup page, where you can give your page a URL and a title.

Edit your Visit Planner

After you have set up your Visit Planner, you can customize the information that your customers will see on the page. Add custom descriptions, notes, contact phone number and email address. 

  • OPENING HOURS - You can edit the opening hours from the location settings page by clicking on the Opening hours tab.

  • MAP LOCATION - You can edit the map location from the location settings page by clicking on the location's name and address.

The web link to the Visit Planner is displayed above the customization fields. Once you’re finished editing the details, you can share the link with your customers on your company homepage, social media and via other means of communication.

Remote sign-in

You can allow your visitors to sign-in remotely on the Visit Planner page by turning on the Remote sign-in setting. You can have your customers enter their phone number, email address, or any other custom information, and select a service line.
For more information read our remote sign-in flow guide.

NB! Remote sign-in will only be available during the set opening hours.

QR code scanning

A QR code is automatically generated for your location. Scanning the code with your phone will take you directly to the remote sign-in window.

  • Click on PRINT POSTER to download a printable PDF poster that you can place on your location's door or wall so that your visitors can easily scan the QR code.

  • Click on COPY LINK to get the direct link to the remote sign-in window.

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