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Team Member Roles

The access levels of different user roles in Qminder

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Assigning the correct role to your team members is vital because each role serves a different purpose.

On the Team Page and in the Team Member Details, you can assign the following roles: Clerk, Location Manager, Administrator, and Owner.

CLERKS can fully use the Service View and all of its features, but they have limited access to the rest of the dashboard: 

LOCATION MANAGERS have the ability to configure the visitor flow and look at statistics. 

ADMINISTRATORS have all the capabilities of location managers and access to all locations. In addition, they can:

The OWNER is like an administrator but cannot be removed by any other Team Member. 

Clerks and Location Managers are restricted to the specific locations they have been assigned to. Administrators and Owners are not limited to any location and can switch between all of the available locations.

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