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Compare your locations in one master view

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The Organization Performance page allows you to compare all your Qminder locations in one place. No need to check each location separately!

Please note:

  • Organization Performance is not part of the standard subscription but can be purchased separately as an add-on. Contact us to start your free 7-day trial!

  • This feature is only visible for Owner and Administrator users with more than one location.

The top of the Organization Performance page shows a summary of all your locations and compares the currently selected time period to the previous.

The list of locations shows the total number of visitors, average wait time, and average service time. You can easily sort the list by these three metrics by clicking on them.

The graph at the bottom of the page visualizes the performance of all your locations. Hover over the data points to see more details, and select from the right side which locations are currently visible. Each location has its own automatically assigned color.

Contact us now to start your free 7-day trial!

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