The Service View is the center of queue management. This is where you can see all the visitors in line, fill in their information, make changes and decide on the next step.

The left side of the Service View displays the list of visitors in line and the right side shows the currently called visitor.

The waiting list is divided into sections: Serving, Waiting and Served/Removed. To get more information about a visitor, click on their name. 

You can change the order of visitors on the list by double-clicking on a name, holding and dragging it upwards or downwards:

Selecting Lines and a Desk

When working with the Service View, make sure to select the lines whose waiting list you want to see and, if applicable, your desk:

Adding a visitor

Visitors are added to the queue list automatically if they have signed up on the iPad, but you can also add visitors manually by clicking on the +ADD VISITOR button.

Fill in all the information as indicated in the empty fields:

When finished with entering information, click on the green button called ADD VISITOR TO QUEUE at the bottom of the window.

Calling a Visitor

To call the first visitor, click on the bright green text at the center of your screen. 

Alternatively, you can select a specific visitor from the list on the left. Clicking on a name will open up that visitor's details. To start serving this visitor, click on the green button CALL VISITOR at the bottom of the view.

The TV will display the called visitor's name as well as the desk they should go to.

Note that the bar at the center top of the Service View indicates a visitor's status in different colors. The green bar shows the visitor is currently being served:

The black status bar shows that the visitor is waiting in line and has not been called:

Finishing Serving a Visitor

When you're done serving a visitor, click FINISH SERVING THIS VISITOR or click CALL NEXT to mark the current visitor as served and also call the next one. 

Queue Management options

Clicking the arrow sign next to CALL NEXT offers more queue management actions:

  • Call Again - The TV displays the call notification again.
  • No Show - Marks the visitor as missed their turn.
  • Return to Queue - Places the visitor back into the same line.
  • Assign To - Assign the visitor to a specific clerk.
  • Forward - Places the visitor into a different line
  • Remove - Deletes the visitor from the queue.

Editing and adding information

You can complete or change information about a visitor directly in the visitor details view. Here you can add an email address, phone number, labels or change the service line. 

NB! Custom Input Fields can be added and configured by Locations Manger users.

Activity Log

Scroll down in a visitor's details view to see the activity log. Here you can see all steps of a visitor's stay at you location. This includes the times they were added to the queue, called, served, or forwarded to a different line. 

If you are using Automated Text Messages, the activity log will also show text messages sent to the visitor. If you need to reach out, simply type a message in the field under a sent message to start chatting with a visitor:

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