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How to configure your TV according to your needs

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To get to the TV settings, go to the Locations section of your dashboard. Find the Locations icon at the lower left of your screen.

Select the location you want to configure a TV for. Click on the TVS tab and choose the TV you want to access.

The settings allow you to specify the following: 

  1. Name - Edit the name of the TV to differentiate between multiple TVs

   2. Clear Tickets - Configure when the names and corresponding desk/ room are      
       cleared from the list  
       There are two options:

  • After calling - names will disappear from the TV screen after calling

  • After serving - names will remain highlighted on the TV screen for the duration of service and will disappear only after service.

 3. Visible Lines - Choose which lines are displayed on the TV by selecting the lines          from the drop-down menu. 

For example, if you want to display only the registration and appointment service lines on the waiting room TV, then you can set the TV to only display customers who are queued for that one service line.

     4. Notification View - Display the line name when a visitor is being called

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