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How to set up Qminder on Apple TV

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We support Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K.
The minimum tvOS operating system we support is 12.0 or later.

Watch the following video on how to set up your Apple TV with Qminder:

Installing the TV app

To install the Qminder TV app, go to the Apple store on your Apple TV. Search for Qminder and download it.ย 

Open the Qminder app which is now listed in your list of apps. You will see a code that allows you to connect your device with the Qminder system.

Pairing the TV with Qminder

To pair the TV with your Qminder account, log in to the Qminder dashboard on your computer.
Click on the "Locations" tab at the bottom left of the dashboard. Select the location you wish to connect the Apple TV to. On the next page, select the "TVS" tab at the top.

Enter the pairing code displayed on your TV in the "Pairing Code" field at the bottom of this page.

You're all set! Configure Qminder on TV according to your needs.
Find out more about TV settings here.

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