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Automate visitor data export with Google Sheets

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You can manually export visitor data to Excel via Qminder's export feature. Or you can automate the whole process with our Google Sheets integration.

Set up a direct integration between Qminder and Google Sheets, and every time a visitor is served, a new entry will be added to the Google Sheets file.

NB! Only Administrator and Owner users can set up the integration with Google Sheets.

How to set up the integration?

Hover the mouse over the circle at the bottom of the side bar and click on Integrations.

From the integration options displayed, choose to Install the Google sheets beta version.

On the next page, click Install at the top right to confirm.
After successful installation, click on Open Sheet to proceed to the google sheet.

The sheet you retrieved includes the following information:

  • Clerk: shows the clerk who took care of the particular interaction

  • Wait time: shows the duration of wait before this service interaction

  • Service time: shows the duration of service during this interaction

  • Called: shows the timestamp of when the visitor was called for the service interaction.

  • Service ended: shows the timestamp of the service end

  • Line: shows the line the visitor was called to for this interaction

  • Status: shows the visitor’s status during this interaction

  • Interaction no: a number assigned to an interaction, starting from 1 (in ascending order)

  • Total visit time: total time the visitor spent in a location

  • Total wait time: a sum of all wait times

  • Total service time: a sum of all service times

Multi-step events (e.g. usage of the Forwarding or Return to Queue function) are captured in numbered lines for each visitor. 

Wait and service times in these lines reflect each individual service interaction.

As for information in Input Fields which has been changed throughout a multi-step process, only the last entry will be displayed in the Google Sheet. 

Visitors who have been removed will not show up in the sheet.

For each location, there will be a separate sheet in the file.

Data Limits

Google Sheets has a limit of 5 million cells and once the limit has been reached, data exporting will automatically stop. With a typical setting, you will be able to export up to 300 000 lines before the limit is reached.

We recommend reconnecting the Integration in order to create a new Google Sheet accordingly.

Google has its own permission policies. Qminder grants access to one person in charge of implementing the Google Sheets integration. To grant access to others, this person needs to share the sheet manually.

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