Team Performance

Keep track of and compare each user's visitor numbers

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The Team Performance page gives a great summary of how your clerks have been doing.  

To access this information go to the Data Insights tab from the sidebar of your dashboard and click on TEAM PERFORMANCE.

This page shows how each team member has been doing regarding

  • total visitors called

  • visitors served

  • no shows 

  • canceled visitors 

  • average service time and 

  • total service time. 

You can filter the data according to time period, clerks and service lines. To set the filter, pick one or several options from the drop-down menus at the top right: 

Additionally, you can sort the performance sequences by each of the categories shown at the top. To select the category you want the data to be sorted by, click on the up-down arrow symbol next to the category's name.

Clicking on a name will lead you directly to their Team Member Details page which provides more information about a team member's performance and assigned roles.

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