To get to the Visitor Volumes page, go to the Data Insights section of your Dashboard. Select the VISITOR VOLUMES tab at the top.

Please note that only users with the role of a Location Manager or Administrator can access this page. 

At the top of the page, you can adjust the time frame to be displayed or select specific lines: 

Daily Visitors

The Daily Visitors part of the page shows an overview of visitors for the selected period and, optionally, for the selected line.

The statistics include visitors waiting and served for different services. Visitors that have been removed from the list are being shown as "Cancelled" here. 

A table shows the breakdown of daily visitors:

Average Hourly Visits

Here you see what time periods are the busiest during opening hours.

When you set the time frame to one specific day ("Today", "Yesterday" or "Specific Date"), this chart will show the total number of visitors per hour for that day.

Visits by Day of Week

Not that in all charts on this page you can exclude lines from the graph by clicking on them. To include excluded lines, click on them again.


The channels graphic shows how many visitors were registered manually and how many signed in themselves (on the iPad). 

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