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Qminder Dashboard software requirements
Qminder Dashboard software requirements

List of requirements for Qminder Dashboard cloud-based visitor management software

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Qminder is a cloud-based browser solution which means there’s no need to download anything. Users can just open the web browser on their computer or smart device and log in to The best performance is with the Google Chrome browser.

Additional set-up options

Depending on the set up options, some hardware might be needed. For example if you wish to utilise the Qminder iPad app for self-sign in then an iPad with a secure stand is needed. If you wish to show the customer waiting list on a display then an Apple TV connected to any TV is needed.

What is Qminder Dashboard

Qminder Dashboard is the part of Qminder software that is used by employees of your service location to add visitors to queue, call them and see the visitor's information. It is also used by managers and administrators to configure service settings and view real-time statistics.

Qminder Dashboard system requirements

Qminder Dashboard is a cloud-based web application. Employees will need to use the link to access the Qminder Dashboard.

Employees can use smartphones, tablets, computers or handheld Zebra (or similar) devices to access the Qminder Dashboard.

Qminder can be used on computers / tablets / smartphones:

Computer operating system: Windows 7 or newer, Linux, macOS 10 or newer
Computer type: PC, Macbook, laptop supported

Smartphone or tablet type: Android, iOS

Smartphone or tablet operating system: Android 6 or newer, iOS 12 or newer

Computer monitor requirements: 1280 x 1024 or larger (1920 x 1080 or above recommended)

Internet access is required to use Qminder.

Web browser: Supported Google Chrome (60 or newer), Firefox (latest), Safari (latest). Internet Explorer (all versions) is not supported.

Qminder Dashboard does not require installation or software rollout, therefore there are no hard disk / graphics card requirements. Employee computers need to be able to use the Internet with a supported web browser.

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