Qminder's Overview page takes all the action from the Service View and compiles it into a clear summary.

You can always get to the Overview by clicking on the Qminder logo in the top-left corner of the dashboard.

NB! The role of a user determines what they can see of the Overview section:

  • Clerks can see the "Today" view and the Daily reports. 
  • Location managers can see Daily and Weekly Reports for the locations they are assigned to.
  • Administrators can see both reports for all locations. 


The Today view gives a quick recap of the current service situation. 

Numbers are updated in real time:

  • Visitors waiting — how many visitors are in queue.
  • Clerks busy — how many clerks are serving.
  • Visitors served — how many visitors have been served.

After serving your first visitor, the Overview will display a message detailing your served visitor count and average service time.

Overview displays even more information under each statistics category.

Visitors waiting

  • You can filter the waiting visitors list by line. Click on the line name which visitors you wish to see. 
  • If the visitor's inserted information includes a phone number or email address, the system will find the last visitor entry with the same detail and display how long ago the last was (e.g. Visited today; Last visit one week ago).

Clerks busy

  • The Clerks busy list will show you which clerk is serving which visitor or how many minutes ago a clerk finished service (if they're currently not serving anyone).

TIP: If you notice that a clerk has forgotten to finish service, click on the visitor's name and mark them as served on the next screen by clicking on the green "Mark Served" button.

Visitors served

The served visitors list is divided by lines. Clicking on a line will display all the visitors who have been served in that line.

Daily Report

The Daily Report gives an overview of total visitor numbers, average wait time, average service time and hourly visits for  any given day.
You can select the date at the top left. Print what you see using the PRINT button at the top right. Use the print function to export data as a PDF file.

NB: In the top-right corner, you can choose between All locations and Current location. This option is only available if you have access to more than one location.

Weekly Report

Similarly to the Daily Report, the Weekly Report shows data for a week you select. The information displayed here is the total number of visitors, the average wait time and average service time.

Print what you see using the PRINT button at the top right. You can use the print function as a way to export the data to a PDF file.

The number of visitors is displayed per weekday as well as per hour of the day.

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