Name Your Desks

Assign names to desks and counters to give visitors more information about your location.

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Numbering desks is a simple way of showing visitors which desk they need to turn to. But depending on the location and floor plan, numbers alone might not be enough, especially when more detailed descriptors are required.ย 

Customize desk and room names to help communicate clearly where the visitor needs to go next. You can assign and change desk names in the Qminder Dashboard by going to the Locations tab. Click on the location's name where you wish to set up named desks and on the next page choose Settings.

To assign a desk with a name, choose Named Desks and type in the name. Click the + icon to add another nameable desk.
NB: Don't forget to press Save when you're done with naming.

Desk names will show on the TV with Qminder's Apple TV waiting list app. When a visitor is called, the TV will display the desk name under the name of a clerk. In the waiting list, the desk name will appear next to the called visitor's name.

Desk names in SMS messaging

Desk names are also shown in Qminder's automated SMS text messages. If the clerk has selected a named desk, the visitor will receive a text message informing them that it's their turn and telling them which desk to come to.

Unassign a clerk from a desk

You can remove a clerk from a desk by going to the Locations tab and clicking on the location's name where the clerk is. On the next page choose Users and clicking on the clerk's name. There you can see which desk the clerk has selected. You can remove the clerk from the selected table by clicking on Unassign.

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