Desks are used to guide visitors at your location. The TV shows your visitors which desk, station or counter to go to when called.

To configure your desks, go to Location > Settings.

NB: You need to be a Location Manager, Administrator, or Account Owner to configure the desks.

There are two main settings:

No Numbered Desks – when there is no need to direct visitors to a specific desk via TV. This is a default setting.

Numbered Desks – when you want to show which desk visitors should go to when called. Select the number of desks.

After you've configured the number of desks, make sure that clerks or service personnel select the desk they are sitting in.

After this, your TV can guide your visitors.

How you differentiate your desks is up to you.

You can print out sheets with numbers, laminate the paper, or put numbered stickers on your desks.

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