When you have a large shop floor or long waiting lines, you often need to connect with your visitors from afar. 

Qminder can text your visitors about the waiting line status via SMS text notifications. But you can also chat with each customer, no matter where they are.

Text messaging is only available for Pro Plan subscribers.

To enable chat text messages, go to the Locations tab and click on the location's name where you wish to set up SMS. Then choose SMS and click on "Enable messaging".

In order to chat with a customer, that customer's phone number must be added first. There are two ways to do that:

  • Let the clerk insert the phone number with the phone number input field. 
  • Let the customer type their phone number in through the self-service iPad.

To chat with a customer go to Service View, click on a customer and then click on Chat. You can also click on the phone number field under the customer's name.

With text messaging, you can answer these important questions:

  • Do your customers have the necessary documents? 
  • Will they be on time or are they running late?
  • Do they know what/who they want?
  • Could they fill in your customer satisfaction survey?

Your customers can also send you pictures via text messaging, for example a photo of a required document or their ID.

Talk with your visitors and learn how to provide exceptional service! 

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