Ending the service

Call Again, No Show, Return to Queue, Call Next or Finish Serving

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After you've called your visitor, you have a few options on how to proceed, depending on the circumstances.

First of all, make sure your customers show up. Feel free to click Call Again to get their attention. This button shows a visitor's name and notification on the TV.

If your visitors does not show up, mark them as No Show. This will be reflected in the Service Intelligence. It is useful to track whether the no-show rate is in correlation with your waiting times or other factors.

Sometimes your visitors need to leave for some time — for example, to bring additional documents from their car. In this case, click Return to Queue.

After you've helped your visitor out, click Finish Serving. This helps you accurately measure the service time without calling the next visitor in line. Use Mark Served when you have additional paperwork to finish, are going for lunch, or ending your shift.

The button at the bottom is Call next. It marks the current visitor as served and calls the next visitor in line. 

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