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Do you offer or support printers?
Do you offer or support printers?

Qminder does not support printers

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Qminder does not work with printers or other take-a-number systems.

See our iPad based sign-in solution for a modern solution.

A take-a-number type of ticketing systems were a slight improvement in terms of customer service back in the day. Now, they are an inferior type of a queuing system.

  • Every visitors has a name and should not be treated as just another number.

  • The cost and waste of paper are absurd.

  • The printers are costly to buy, install and change (and they only do 1 thing)

If you are interested in a number-based ticketing solution, we can't offer what you are looking for. But if you are interested in improving your customer service, feel free to sign up for our service.

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