Qminder offers a public API and webhooks

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Qminder offers a public API and webhooks. This means that Qminder can easily be connected to a large variety of other systems and databases.

For the technical folks reading this you might want to head to the documentation straightaway.  

In most cases, you need to have your own IT department to take a look at it or reference our documentation to the other party. Technically a lot of integrations are possible, but in many cases, the implementation might not be worth the while.

Most common use case include:  

  • You can pull the visitor information into your Business Intelligence system or CRM.This can be highly useful for your analysts who have already built custom dashboards in your BI system. 

  • Your sales and marketing departments will value saving the physical location touch points and extra info gathered for more targeted marketing campaigns and sales calls.  

  • If you already have a digital-signage system running on your TV’s then you can pull Qminder waiting line information and show it there. 

  • In many cases, you need to identify the visitor. They can be your customer who you find from your loyalty program or a college whose info you find in your company database - collecting the unique identified via Qminder can prompt the other system to open up the profile and speed up your service.

  • As Qminder gather’s employee performance data, feel free to use it in your staff planning tools.  

Qminder was founded by developers and we always like to hear from other technical people.
If there is a case we have not covered, feel free to get in contact and let’s figure out the best solution. 

Click here for API documentation

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