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Have you ever wondered who exported the visitor data of the entire previous year, or who edited the location settings without permission? This feature was designed specifically for those people who have asked for more security.

The Security Log feature lists every relevant action made by your team members, while noting in detail what action was made and by which user. The log also displays when the change happened and from which IP address the command came from.

You can click on each logged action to see further details. For example, when a colleague has created a new Line, you can easily see which Line. When somebody has exported data, you can see how many rows have been downloaded.

The Security Log feature is not available by default. It’s an advanced feature best suited for accounts with many locations or companies with heightened security measures.

  • Owner and Administrator users can access the feature from the dashboard's bottom left corner under Security Log.

Please contact us if you are interested in adding Security Log to your Qminder account for an extra cost. The pricing varies depending on your current subscription.

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