Visitor History

The history log of all visitor tickets served

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The Visitor History gives you a quick overview of visitors by showing their names, the time they signed up, their waiting time, and the service time.

Filter the log by Status.

Filter by Period.

Filter the list by Line.

Filter by Clerk. Note that in the same column, you can sort the list by Taken, the time the visitor signed in or was registered.

Filter history by Wait Time or Service Time

Export Data

You can export visitor data to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the Export button.

Setting up custom Input Fields allows you to gather specific data from your visitors which will be reflected in the export sheet. This gives you a variety of opportunities to collect and analyze exactly the information most relevant to you.
Note! Input Field data is only available in the old Export version. Please switch back to the old Visitor History view in order to see field data columns in the Excel export.

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