The History log gives you a quick overview of visitors by showing their names, the time they signed up, their waiting time and the service time.

Filter the log by Status.

Filter by Period.

Filter the list by Line.

Filter by Clerk. Note that in the same column, you can sort the list by Taken, the time the visitor signed in or was registered.

Filter history by Wait Time or Service Time

Export Data

You can export more detailed info on the last 10,000 tickets to Excel spreadsheet.

The Excel sheet will contain the following columns:

Taken -
the time a visitor was registered or signed in

  • New – Visitor is waiting.
  • Called – Visitor is called for service.
  • Served – Visitor has been served.
  • Canceled – Visitor was removed from the queue.

Wait time – How long a visitor waited to be served.

Called – Time when the visitor was called to be served.

Service Ended – Time when the service ended.

Service Time – Duration of the service.

Clerk – The clerk who served the visitor.

Line – Service provided.

First Name

Last Name - note that entering the last name is not mandatory for manual sign-in

Any additional visitor information such as Phone Number, Email address and Labels as well as any Input Fields will be reflected in the table as one column each.

NB! Setting up custom Input Fields allows you to gather specific data from your visitors which will be reflected in the export sheet. This gives you a variety of opportunities to collect and analyze exactly the information most relevant to you.

Note that only users with the role of a Location Manager or Administrator can configure Input Fields. 

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