IT Administration Responsibilities

Who takes care of server administration and updates, when you're a customer of Qminder?

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Here's an overview of how Qminder simplifies the burden of new software acquisition and validation, and what parts of IT administration are part of adopting and operating Qminder.

Qminder's software architecture

It's really simple to pick up and start using Qminder in your organization. We'd like to support your journey and allow you to focus on what makes your business great.

Qminder is offered as a cloud-only solution, so all of your staff would use the Qminder cloud application to service customers and view real-time data insights.

However, solutions like the iPad and Apple TV apps are built to run directly on the Apple TV and iPad hardware, so from time to time you may have to update the software.

Qminder's responsibilities

When you're a customer of Qminder, our team will take care of:

  • Virtual machine and server management

  • Software updates and patches on servers

  • Fixing bugs and patching Qminder software products

  • Improving Qminder's software and building new features

  • Securing and protecting your data while it's in Qminder's systems

  • Backups of all data entered into Qminder's products

  • Incident response related to Qminder's products

  • Supporting you with audits or related compliance work

Customer's responsibilities

When you're a customer of Qminder, we rely on your organization to:

  • Allow and maintain access to Qminder's cloud from the corporate network

  • Update the Qminder software on iPad or Apple TV devices

  • Periodically update the Web browser and operating system used to access Qminder Dashboard web-app

  • Provide us with feedback and information about issues or problems

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