⚠️ Using Qminder in Internet Explorer is not recommended as you may experience problems and performance issues. Please use Google Chrome or another modern web browser.

What is Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer is a web browser. It is pre-installed on all Microsoft Windows computers and is commonly used in enterprise environments. However, in recent years, Internet Explorer has entered maintenance mode. Thankfully, there are more modern web browsers available that offer the rock-solid reliability of Internet Explorer while keeping up with the latest additions to the Web.

💻 If you use a Mac, Android or iPad device to access Qminder, you are not using Internet Explorer. If you are using a computer running Windows, there is a possibility you are using Internet Explorer to access Qminder.

👉 Microsoft's official stance on Internet Explorer support

How does this affect me?

If you are currently using Internet Explorer as your web browser, please switch to Google Chrome or to another modern browser. If your organization and staff are using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or other modern Web browsers - nothing will change for you.

If your IT department mandates the use of Internet Explorer, then it is necessary for the IT department to make preparations for changing the default web browser for your computer.

But I am the IT department!

If you are the IT administrator for your organization, it will be necessary to change the Web browser staff use to access Qminder. This means that the following steps have to be taken:

  1. Choose a modern Web browser, or pick our recommendation: Google Chrome

  2. Install the web browser on all staff computers

  3. Configure the web browser to meet IT compliance requirements, if necessary

  4. Instruct staff to use the new web browser instead of Internet Explorer, to access Qminder in their daily work.

  5. Disable access to Internet Explorer, if it is not required in staff's daily work.

Here's an article that shows you how to import passwords, bookmarks and other settings from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome.

All in all, we're happy to be able to say good-bye to Internet Explorer. Thanks to this, we will be able to deliver more reliable and powerful features in Qminder.

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