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Create a branching sign-in flow
Create a branching sign-in flow

Customize your iPad sign-in flow by creating branches with logic steps

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You can create your very own iPad sign-n flow from Qminder's iPad settings. Logic steps allow you to create several sign-in flows that run parallelly and are tailored to different groups of visitors.

For general information about the sign-in flow, take a look a our article on ipad configuration.

To create a branched flow, start by going to the Locations tab of your Dashboard and select the location which iPad you wish to edit. Click on the IPADS tab at the top and select the iPad you wish to configure. 

To branch out the sign-in flow and use logic steps effectively, you need to take three main steps: 

  1. Configure the lines visitors can choose from

  2. Create different options that constitute the branches following lines

  3. Connect selected lines and options by adding logic steps

NB! This given example shows how to create a branching sign-in flow based on the chosen service line. Alternatively, branches can also be based on custom questions.

Configure lines for the iPad

The basis for the creation of logic steps is a set of lines to choose from.
(If you haven't added lines to Qminder yet, learn how to do that here.)

Click on the yellow field box saying "Service A Service B". On the right side of the screen, you will find the settings for lines.

Open the drop-down menu by clicking on "Type to search services" and select the lines you want to be displayed on the iPad.

Create several options

Create fields according to what your visitors should be able to see during the sign-in.
You can add the following types of fields:

  • choose:custom - visitor selects custom information

  • type-in: custom - visitor enters custom information

  • type-in: name - visitor enters their name

  • type-in: phone - visitor enters phone number

  • type-in: email - visitor enters email address

  • review: text - display custom information for the visitor to read

Create one of these fields, then go back to the set of lines you configured earlier. On the right side of the screen, click on +CREATE LOGIC STEP

The sign-in flow will be branched out. Edit the conditions of this branch in the "IF -THEN" window on the bottom right:

Create another field that visitors should see (see above). Drag and drop this field onto the empty branch if necessary.

Go back to the lines field and add another logic step. This will create a third branch in the sign-in flow.

Create another field and drag&drop it onto the third, free branch if needed. 

If the branches don't appear in the right way, drag and drop the fields across the flow as needed. 

If you need the branches to take a different form, edit the "THEN go to" option at the bottom of each "IF - THEN" window.

Tip: if you're not sure what to add in "THEN go to", find the name of a field at the top right after clicking on it. 

Create up to six branches per level in the flow. Note that you can also create sub-branches using logic steps.

Still haven't found the perfect sign-in flow?

If you need advice how to set up a your iPad flow, contact our Customer Success team! You can reach out via email or start a chat with us by clicking on the bubble icon at the bottom of this page.

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