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If you have subscribed to our Annual Premium Plan, we offer custom branding for your iPads and TVs. This gives you the opportunity to display your logo and colors at all fronts of your location - including Qminder devices.

How to get custom branding?

If you 're interested in custom branding, contact us by email or live chat. 

After you have sent us your company logo and colors, our designer will then put together a branding draft. Once you have approved the draft, the implementation of the design will take up to 3 weeks.

What features can be customized?

You can make changes to the following aspects of the layout:

  • Background color

  • Font color

  • Icon color

  • Your company logo on the screen

Take as an example the custom branding of the National Institute of Education in Singapore. For the iPad, they chose to add their multicolored logo and to change the background shade: 

For the apple TV waiting list and notifications, they included their corporate colors blue, yellow and orange:

How to activate the new branding?

When we notify you that the branding has been implemented, you have to activate it for your devices.

For the TV, go to the app store and update your Qminder TV app version.

For the iPad, you have to activate the branding in the iPad settings.
Go to the Locations section of the dashboard and select the location for which you want to activate the branding.

When going to the IPADS tab from there, you will see a  green bar saying "An iPad branding is available. Enable branding for this iPad". Click on this bar to activate the new layout.

NB! Custom Branding is only available for Annual Premium Plan subscribers.

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