The best way to differentiate your services is to configure lines. This allows you to triage your visitors, direct visitors to the right desk and differentiate your data better.

The line overview and settings can be found under the Locations tab. Click on the location's name which settings you wish to change and then select LINES.


In order to add a line, click on the Add button at the bottom of the line settings page. Enter the name of the line and click Create.

Once you have created lines, keep in mind:

  • You can always edit and update the lines in real-time

  • The same lines can be shown as options on the sign-in iPad  

  • You can dedicate the TV to show only one specific waiting line


If you wish to edit an already existing line, just click on that line from the LINES settings page. On the next page you can rename the line, disable the line or delete the line.


Disabling a line will remove it temporarily. To do this, click on the Disable button in the Line settings.

A disabled line will not be shown on the iPad service selection nor in the Service View. To make the line active again, click on the green Enable button shown in the line settings.


Deleting a line will remove it permanently. To do this, click on the Delete line button in the line settings.

NB! Deleting a line will still reflect that line's visitor data in the Team Performance tab and on the Team Member Details page

This is to ensure that users' performance data is not affected by deleting a line. If you need to exclude certain visit data from either the Team Performance or Team Member Details page, then you can do so by adjusting the time frame respectively.

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