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Customize the iPad sign-in flow

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When customizing the flow in the sign-in app, you have a variety of options. You can include the following types of steps to the flow:

  • ask for phone number and email address

  • let visitors pick a line

  • display custom text

  • ask custom questions

  • make branching choice-based sign-in flows

To get to the iPad settings, go to the Locations section of your dashboard. Select the Location you want to change the iPad settings for. Click on the IPADS tab at the top and from the list of iPads, choose the one you want to make changes to.

1. General iPad settings

  • You can rename the iPad so that the device is easily distinguishable from other iPads.

  • You can add languages to the iPad so that your visitors can choose their preferred language for service.

2. The iPad sign-in flow

The middle part of the iPad settings depicts the visitor sign-in flow view by view.

2.1. Mandatory views

The sign-in flow always...

  1. begins with the TAP HERE TO START view.

  2. includes the view where the available service lines are listed.

  3. includes the view which asks for the visitor's name.

  4. ends with the final view that confirms the visitor has been added to queue.

2.2. Add a new view

Customize the sign-in flow by adding new views which suit the needs of your business. You can drag and drop the views to easily change the order of sign-in flow.

Click on the plus sign to add a new view. 

Choose the view type from the drop down menu:

  • choose: line - visitors selects service line

  • choose: custom - visitor selects custom information

  • type-in: custom - visitor enters custom information

  • type-in: name - visitor enters their name

  • type-in: phone - visitor enters phone number

  • type-in: email - visitor enters email address

  • review: text - display custom information for the visitor to read

3. Edit view details

On the right side of the iPad settings page you can see specific details for each sign-in flow view. 

3.1. Customize the view

Click on any of the views to see its details.
Each view has it's own options. Follow the instructions on screen and make changes accordingly to your location's needs.

3.2. Save changes

After making any changes to the view details, click SAVE & GO LIVE in the top right corner of the page to save the changes: the iPad will then refresh and update accordingly to the changes made.

3.3. Create logic steps

You can create advanced sign-in flows to gather exact data from your visitors based on their specific choices. If a visitor comes in for an appointment, ask them the name of the clerk they are here to see. Show questions based on the visitor’s answers. Use the logic steps to collect more information from key groups without slowing down the visitor flow. Use multiple logic rules to show people different service lines, based on their previous answers.

Start by clicking on the + CREATE LOGIC STEP button which is at the bottom of the Edit View Details side of the page. 

Follow the instructions on the Edit View Details side of the page to finish the logic step. You can also drag and drop the views to easily change the flow order.

Once you're done with the changes, don't forget to click SAVE & GO LIVE on the top right corner of the page.

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