With Group Service you can serve multiple visitors at the same time!

This is useful when the visitor being served doesn't currently need your attention, or when you have to go through a task with multiple people at once, for example, a group training session.

How do I group serve?

To begin with, make sure you are already serving a single ticket.

When you select the next ticket from the left-hand side drawer, click on the option Add to group service.

With this option both the ticket being served and the one being added are transformed into tabs and are placed above the ticket area.

You can switch to a tab by clicking on it, just like with browser tabs.

When you keep adding tickets, the ones that don't fit will be tucked away. You can access them by clicking on the downward arrow in the top-right corner.

When you mark a ticket as served or return it to queue, the ticket is removed from the tabs.

How do I end Group Service?

To end a Group Service session, just call another ticket and click mark as served. You'll be asked for confirmation, and after that, all the active tickets will be marked as served.

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