You can manually export visitor data to Excel via Qminder's export feature. Or you can automate the whole process with our Google Sheets integration.

Set up a direct integration between Qminder and Google Sheets, and every time a visitor is served, a new entry will be added to the Google Sheets file.

All visitors are grouped by location under a separate sheet. This is especially useful for managers who need to keep an eye on multiple locations.

How to set up the integration?

NB! Only Administrator and Owner users can set up the integration with Google Sheets.

Hover the mouse over the Account circle on the side bar and click on Account Setup.

Look under the headline Google Sheets and click the CONNECT button. 

This will create a new Google Sheets file which link you can share with other members of your team. You can always access the file by clicking OPEN SHEET.

Google Sheets has a limit of 2 million cells and once the limit has been reached, data exporting will automatically stop. 

We recommend to reconnect (in order to create a new Google Sheet) at least once a month if one has multiple Locations and have a footfall over 100 customers a day.

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