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Improve the workflow by manually assigning customers to the right employee

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Sometimes a customer may ask for a specific clerk or a special request that only a certain employee can help with.

Assign a customer to a specific co-worker by clicking on a visitor's name in the waiting list. In the Visitor Details window, open the queue management options by clicking on the upward arrow icon and select Assign To from the list. 

Then click on the co-worker's name you wish to assign the visitor to. The selected employee will then receive a notification through Qminder dashboard that the customer has been assigned to them. Make sure your browser settings allow notifications from Qminder.

If you are currently serving the customer then clicking Assign To will assign the chosen clerk to the customer and also put them back into the queue.

TIP! A great way to use the Assign To feature is to match customers and clerks by their preferred language. Language labels are added automatically when you have a language selection on the iPad sign-in kiosk, but the greeter can also add custom labels manually. Learn more about labels here!

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