Qminder allows you to label your visitors, adding important personalized information.

You can do this at every stage of the service. 

  • When you are signing your visitors up for the service.
  • When they are waiting.
  • When you are servicing them. 

How your location and colleagues want to use labels is up to you.

The labels are useful for marking down:

  • The language of your visitors.
  • Their reason of visit (what or who they want).
  • Their appearance, so you can approach them on the shop floor.
  • Whether they have shared required documents or info.

Basically, labels are tools you and your colleagues can use to collaborate and offer the best customer experience possible.

Don't worry about configuring, editing, deleting labels, etc. The labels pop up in the order of frequency of use. You can always type in a new label.

Labels are a simple-to-use, intuitive tool. If you would like a more data-driven approach, look into Custom Input fields.

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