We are pricing Qminder per location.
One location means one store, branch or customer service center.

With all of our plans, you can either pay monthly or yearly.
Paying the annual plan upfront gives you 1 month worth of discount.

Standard - $249 per month or $2739 for a year

This includes all of the options to set up your queue management.
Including unlimited number of iPad's and TV's  

Furthermore, the plan includes access to all of the data and insight views for your Service Intelligence

Maintainance, upgrades, some new features and even live support to all of your coworkers is included in the price

Pro - $499 per month or $5489 for a year

If you are overseeing multiple locations or just want the best setup possible for your single location consider our Pro plan.

This included everything from the Standard and some more:

  • Unlimited SMS chat.
    Qminder will confirm and notify your visitors of their turn in the line and takes it even beyond, by allowing customer reply and chat with you service people.
  • Our designer would work with you to customize the iPad and TV to match your brand colors. Available for Annual clients. Contact us (info@qminder.com) for samples or more information. 
  • Qminder developers would be at your service to help you on our API.
    This can be useful if you want to connect Qminder with your POS, CRM or Business Intelligence tools


From a certain point, if you are setting up Qminder for 1000 or 10 000 front-line employees all around the States or even globally, you might be interested in our Enterprise features and support. 

  • SAML-based Single Sign-On
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • SLA & custom Terms of Service
  • Priority Support

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