Our new dashboard update makes moving around in Qminder faster and easier than ever before. You can now access everything from the new navigation bar which is always visible on the left side of the screen. 

With the new layout, we have relocated some parts of the dashboard and this article will explain where everything can be found.


  • Overview - On the first tab of the navigation bar clerks can see the daily information from the current day or their performance data from the day before. Location managers and administrators can also see statistics from the previous week. Check here for more information on the Overview.
  • Service View - On the second tab you can add and serve visitors. You can learn more about the Service View here.
  • Data Insights - The third tab will display the visitor history log. Location managers and administrators can also see statistics and graphs for location performance, visitor volumes and employee performance. 


  • Locations - Only location managers and administrators can see and access the Locations tab. If you have multiple locations, clicking on the tab will display the list of all locations. After choosing the location you wish to configure, you will see all the different options available for Qminder set up. 
  • Account -  The last icon on the navigation bar is the user circle. Hover the mouse cursor over the circle to see additional options. Clerks and Location managers can only see and access Profile Setup and My Preferences. Administrators have also the options of Account Setup and Billing.


If you have multiple locations you can switch from one location to another in the Overview and Data Insights tabs: 

  • Click on the current location name which is displayed on the top left corner of the dashboard. Choose another location to switch there, or click Show All to see the list of all locations. 


This navigation update is just the first step towards a new and improved Qminder. Our team's goal is to make the use of Qminder effortless, pleasant and flexible. 

If you run into problems or have any feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us. Feel free to reach us in Qminder's live chat support. Thank you! :)  

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