Get your coworker on board rather sooner than later.
Login > Location > Users 

The basic information of name and email is required for the system to send the invite. The users will set their own passwords. 

Please note that only Location Manager, Administrator, or Account Owner can add other users.

When you have more than one location, you can limit the user's role to a specific branch and within that branch determine the access level they have.

Assigning the correct role to your worker is vital because each role is slightly different and serves a different purpose.

To change your coworker's role, click on that user's name and then add/remove roles as needed.

CLERK users have limited access to the dashboard. Clerks can only view client history and change the settings for their notifications and user profile.

LOCATION MANAGER users have a wide variety of options to manage queue service from the Locations tab on the dashboard. Location managers also have dashboard access to statistics, client history and settings for their notifications and user profile.

ADMINISTRATOR users have all the capabilities of location managers. In addition, they have access to the Account tab of the dashboard, which covers integration options and billing. 

OWNER user has administrator powers and cannot be removed by any other user role. Owners can also add/remove credit cards.

Clerks and location managers are restricted to the specific locations they have been assigned to. Administrators are not limited to any location and can freely switch between all of the available locations.

Last but not least, on the dashboard Overview page, clerks can only view data from the current day or a day before. Location managers and administrators get access to data from the previous week.

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