With each visitor served in Qminder, you gain valuable data that provides a solid foundation for strategic business decisions.

For single locations, it might mean tracking and iterating the offering to anticipate visitors' needs. Who are your experts, how to offer the best quality customer experience every time?

Within a multi-branch enterprise, one has to deal with global trends as well as offer great services in high quantity.

What can one branch teach to another;
where to open up the next location and how to compare the success of the branches?

Adding all of your locations to Qminder account enables you to compare location's and employees: even on a global scale!

( 1 location is usually 1 branch or a store. If you manage a large complex, campus or huge office then a department or service will be considered a single location in Qminder)

How to add another location?  

Just click on your current location's name on the right top corner and then Create Location. 

Don't forget to add the staff from that branch to the account as well. 

How do I delete a location?

Make sure you have selected the location you want to delete.

Navigate to Location > Settings

In the very bottom, you can delete the location. 

( There is no coming back from this. All the users, configuration and data will be lost)

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