NB! Displaying closing time on the iPad is currently not yet possible on the new upgraded version of the iPad app.

This article shows you how to use the Closing Time feature to show the visitors that the location is closed, and to prevent visitors from signing in after a time period.

When your location is about to close but a few remaining customers will take longer than expected, the Closing Time feature will avoid confusion by showing new visitors that they cannot sign in any more today.

Opening the iPad Settings page

To find the input field settings for the iPad, go to the Locations tab and click on the location's name where the iPad is located. On the next page choose iPads from the menu and then click on the iPad you want to configure.

On the very bottom, you can see the section Configure Views which shows how a visitor will sign in to Qminder in your location, from left to right.

The last section on the right, named "Closed", has options related to the Closed view. You can open the settings for the Closed view by clicking on it.

To set a closed time, simply enter the time into the form field. 

Once you've set the closing time, the iPad will make the sign-in available again at midnight.

Closed time and TV

Once you have set a closing time for the iPad, the TV will also reflect this. At the set closing time (and as long as there are no customers in line) the TV will display the following closed view.

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