NB! This guide is for the old iPad app version! If you are using the upgraded version of the app please check here.

This article shows how to add input fields for the iPad Sign-in to ask extra information from visitors as they sign in. 

I will also show you how to customize input fields to ask for the full name and use the optional email address to let visitors leave their email empty.

To add input fields for the Dashboard and allow clerks to add custom information about a visitor, see Configuring custom input fields in the Dashboard.

Required Access

You can configure iPad settings if you are a Location Manager, Administrator or Owner.

Opening the iPad Settings page

To find the input field settings for the iPad, go to the Locations tab and click on the location's name where the iPad is located. On the next page choose iPad from the menu and then click on the iPad you want to configure.

On the very bottom, you can see the section Configure Views which shows how a visitor will sign in to Qminder in your location, from left to right.

Adding a new input field

To add a new input field to the iPad, press the + Add Input button.  You may need to scroll to the right to see it, if you have some inputs enabled already. 

A popup menu will open with different entry view options. Select the one that you need to add it to the iPad.

Available input fields

On the iPad, you can use the following input fields to prompt the visitor for more information during sign-up. From the selection, up to 2 can be enabled at the same time.

The phone number field asks the visitor to add their phone number when they sign up, which is perfect to use with SMS notifications and conversations.

The email address field asks the visitor to enter their email address when signing up, which is ideal for connecting to your business CRM or internal system.

The personal ID field is available if you have internal numbers or identification codes that visitors need to enter before service. 

Removing input fields

To remove an input field and hide it from the sign-up flow, simply click on the input field and then click on the red X in the corner.

Customizing input fields

Input fields may have extra options that you can show by clicking on the input field.

Asking for the visitor's full name

To require the visitors to enter their full name (first and last name), click on the Name Entry view and check the "Require Full Name" checkbox.

Optional e-mail address

To allow visitors to not enter their email address, click on the Email Address entry view and check the "Optional" checkbox.

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