Qminder is based on the software as a service subscription model with the option of either paying monthly or annually. Check our pricing page for an overview.


One location can be a store, a branch or a customer service center. 

  • Each location has it's own set of lines, users and settings. 
  • You can add as many devices (iPad, Apple TV) as you need. No restrictions!
  • Having two locations in Qminder for two different service centers guarantees that the performance and visitor statistics of both locations are kept separate and reflect each individual location.

$249/month per location

  • The standard plan offers all the core features of Qminder including intuitive queue management and clear-cut service intelligence. 
  • Unlimited usage, users, devices and live support!

$499/month per location

  • Custom branding - our designer will create custom designs for the iPad and Apple TV apps with your company colors. Contact us at sales@qminder.com for example images of branding designs. NB! Only for annual plan clients. 
  • SMS - send automatic SMS messages to visitors and allow visitors and clerks communicate via SMS chat in Qminder. NB! Pricing may vary for non-US clients.
  • API support - our developer will assist you with Qminder API integration.

Custom pricing

  • If you are setting up Qminder for 50+ locations all around the States or even globally, you might be interested in our Enterprise features and support. Contact us at sales@qminder.com for more details.


Subscribing to Qminder's annual plan comes with a month worth of discount.


  • Annual standard plan is $2739/year per location.
  • Annual pro plan is $5489/year per location.


  • Annual plan = pay for 11 months; the 12th month is free. 
  • A year of monthly standard plan will cost $2988. The annual plan will save you $249 per location. 
  • A year of monthly pro plan will cost $5988. The annual plan will save you $499 per location. 

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